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Fun in the Sun

When summer hits, it’s prime time for soaking up some sun, long park runs and all sorts of outdoor fun! Of course, it’s never quite complete without your pooch tagging along to join in on all the action. Before you head out and to pawtect your pooch from the potentially harmful effects of summer, here are a few tips to follow. This way everyone can have a good time, free of pain or worry.


It’s Getting Hot in Herrre

  • Have walks in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler if possible
  • Scale back the length of the walks so your pooch doesn’t over heat or over exert in the heat and humidity
  • Watch out for signs of over-heating like….
  • Get a “kiddy pool” for your doggy as it’s a great way to keep them cool. OMG Oscar loves this!
  • Before setting off on your walk, check the pavement to see if it’s too hot even for your touch, then if you’re good to go try to keep along the shady paths or cooler surfaces during the walk. This will to save your pooch’s paws from painful burns.
  • Pack a dog cooling mat if it’s practical for where you’re going. We usually throw one in the boot when we go for shorter trips to the park.
  • Groom your pooch to help keep them cool. Talk to your groomer or your vet about the best grooming for your dog as the extra fur that keeps them warm in winter may also keep him cool in summer. So shorter is not always best.


Go Go H2O

  • Bring enough water on your walks. We always use the stainless steel cooler bottles which means Oscar gets a fresh, cold drink every time.
  • Make your doggy some cool ice treats. Oscars favourite is pieces of cut up watermelon in ice-cubes.
  • Always leave the home with plenty of water in the bowl for your pooch.


Summer Lovin’

  • Be mindful of the environment you put your pooch in such as NEVER leaving them in the car during warm weather
  • If going on trips in the car make sure your pooch (and of course you) get adequate air-conditioning
  • Give your pooch time in the cooler indoors if they’re usually outside. At least till the sun goes down or heat subsides.
  • Use different flea treatments, shampoos and sprays to combat ticks, fleas, mosquitos and other parasites that are rife during warm weather. Check in with your vet for advice on which to use for your pooch.
  • Oh, and if you have a bigger furfriend, then you may want to close the toilet bowl just in case they go seeking a cool drink! Trust us, it does happen.


As always, it’s recommended that you be prepared with information on hand for your nearest vet or pet helpline if your pooch is ever in need of it. Your pooch is totally worth the precaution.




With Love,

The Pooch Pack Team

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