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Pooches in the bed… Surely not!

Pooches in the bed… Surely not!

So, this one certainly divides a lot of people and we’ve all heard that we shouldn’t do it; inviting your pooch into your bed. Some people believe it’s dirty, some say it’s just simply not good for you. But what if we told you that maybe that isn’t entirely true….

Research has shown there are actual health benefits to letting your pooch spend the night in your bed not just for us hoomans but also for your pooch too.


Below we have listed some of the reasons why sleeping with your pooch can be beneficial to both of you.


They Help You Feel Secure

Sharing your bed with your pooch can make you feel safer at night, both emotionally and physically. Safety and protection are just some of the reasons people decide to get a pooch so having your pooch close to you while you’re at your most vulnerable (asleep) can fulfil this need. Some people simply feel safer sleeping with someone else in the bed, your pooch can provide a good substitute for someone living alone or when your partner is away or simply annoying you.


They Help Fight Insomnia And Anxiety

Many people who suffer from insomnia also experience stress, depression and anxiety. The emotional turmoil of these disorders can often make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Your pooch’s presence alone helps promote feelings of calm, relief, and safety. So, basically, they take away all of the things that keep you up at night (apart from your partner) and help to counteract many of the anxious thoughts associated with sleep-onset insomnia.


Snuggling With Them Relieves Stress

As therapy dogs have shown us, a pooch’s presence can be a great stress reliever. Their positive outlook seems to be utterly contagious to us hoomans. Their attentive nature can also be very reassuring, just touching your pooch helps raise the levels of oxytocin in our brains and helps makes us feel good. So, your pooch’s presence is not only reassuring it also goes a long way to reducing your stress levels.


They Help Fight Depression

One thing you can always rely on is a pooch’s unconditional love for its owner. So, for someone battling with depression, this type of connection and bond can often feel very hard to come by. To receive it, with absolutely no questions asked, can work wonders during a particularly tough time.


They Provide Warmth

Your pooches warm body and their tendency to curl up as close to you as possible works as a little radiator in the bed and a much safer version of an electric blanket we must say. While this can be tough in those summer months, who doesn’t love a little bit of natural warmth on a chilly night?


They Make You Feel Safe

Let's be honest we all want to feel safe at night so knowing that your pooch is watching over you when you’re at your most vulnerable is such a comforting feeling. Their super hearing and tendency to bark at strangers (although annoying) are all ways your pooch shows you they are your protector so we say embrace it.


Better Emotional Bond

There’s nothing in the world that your pooch loves more than to be near you so sleeping together makes them happy too while bringing you both closer and strengthening the bond you share. Remember if you work a typical schedule, your pooch may spend much of their day alone so letting them share your bed can help them feel more part of the pack. They receive comfort from you in the same way that you do from them, so this sleep arrangement is good for everyone!


So, to all you fellow pooch lovers who can’t resist snuggling up with their warm, fluffy buddy at the end of the day, we say keep doing what you’re doing.

For those still on the fence, we hope the above has swayed you into to giving it a go. The chances are, you’ll sleep better at night and we all know that better sleep leads to a better day. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

There are a few things to consider though when sleeping with your pooch, below we have highlighted some of the key things to consider when catching those all-important Z’s together;


  • To avoid your pooch waking you up to use the restroom during the night, be sure to take them out one last time close to bedtime.
  • Some pooches may develop dominance or aggression issues if you give them full reign of the bed. To prevent this from happening, encourage your pooch to sleep in a designated spot on the bed.
  • Use positive reinforcement, lots of Pooch Pack treats and affection whenever he lies down in the right spot.
  • If your pooch continues to try and claim other areas of the bed, physically block them with pillows, yourself, or something else to encourage them back to their spot.
  • Command your pooch to move, when he goes to another spot on the bed as another way of positively reinforcing where their spot is.
  • Be consistent and stick with it. It may take a few weeks and be hard, but your pooch will learn with time to wait for your command to join you on the bed and take their spot.
  • If your pooch wakes you during the night, do not indulge them with a midnight play or Pooch Pack treat session. Make sure you give your pooch adequate playtime and exercise during the day.

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